English ver 11/11&12 | AOYAMA SAKE FLEA vol.07

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Taste more than a hundred different types of Nihonshu, from 31 Sake Breweries from all over Japan

In Vol. 7 of the Sake Flea, there is an endless list of ways to enjoy sake. Test sake
from 31 breweries gathering from all over Japan, enjoy different types of food
pairings, take part in the “My Cup Sake” workshop where you can take your favorite
sake home, and learn about and taste sake and “sakana” (small plates for drinking)
in the Sake Lounge.
Of course, you can peruse our many booths and find your new favorite sake, buy a
bottle and take it home. There’s over 100 types to try, plenty of foods to pair with,
without a doubt you’ll find something you like


Content 1|Taste of Craftsmanship

Taste more than a hundred types of sake from 31 Japanese sake breweries. Drink
and chat directly with the sake brewers who have made the Japanese sake industry
what it is today and whose fine craftsmanship we celebrate. Whether it’s about
brewing sake or about secret back stories, this is a great chance to find out whatever
your heart desires to know.
== Ticket ==
At the door: ¥1500
Tickets include: an original sake cup + 6 coins
*1 coin = 1 drink
There may be pre-sale tickets available.


Content 2|Taste with food

You will find perfection when you combine the right sake with the right food. Nowadays it’s not only Japanese people who are enjoying Japanese sake. Now, there are more and more new ways to enjoy sake, with pairings with foreign cuisines. At this flea, expand your horizons and senses, from Edo-style beef stew to pizza and other western cuisine pairings. Sample the evolving taste of Japanese sake.


Content 3|My cup sake workshop

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take-away your favorite Japanese sake?The idea began with that conversation. Buying four bottles may be heavy, but one cup is surely no problem!Sample your favorite, pour it into a cup, close the lid and take it home with you at our “My Cup Sake Workshop”.

Cost: ¥500 for a cup


Content 4|Sake Lounge

A lounge event where you can learn and taste sake and sakana (food for drinking) with cooks and craftspeople.With the blessings of Japan’s nature and Japanese people’s wisdom, came the birth of sake and sakana.At the “Sake Lounge”, we gather the craftspeople who continuously polish and refine the fruits of their art, and of course provide food, but also conversations where we learn about food thinking about culture, environment, history and future.



Content 4-1|Sake Lounge  “Sake”  ー Future bar ー

[Saturday Only] A full-course on Japanese sake by four “sake chefs”A new taste experience that will expand the boundaries of Japanese sake. Enjoy a course that plays with the difference in cold and warm sake, that captures new yet perfect flavors found in food and sake. Exciting texture and flavor, desserts made with sake, spaces that will completely change the taste and feeling of the sake. Come to the future bar and find a new way of enjoying Japanese sake.

◾️Sake chefs

Satoshi Kon    (Utou | Nishiogikita)
Marie Shiba    (Gem by moto | Ebisu)
Sho Mizuhara (Kanzake Bar Grats | Shibuya)
Masaki Tada   (Soukyou | Kagurazaka)

◾️Course menu

Flavor change | Experience the depth of the same sake, served cold and warm
Digging deeper | Toburoku (cloudy unfiltered sake) with ham-katsu curry
Depths | Japanese sake with dessert rice ball
Scene and flavor | An intimate experience with sake in a quiet space

◾️ 詳細

Cost: advance ¥2,500  (at the door, ¥3,000)
Time: 11th of November, 2017 (Saturday) 11:00am-2:00pm

Reservations begin from midnight 26th of October.


Content 4-2|Sake Lounge “Sakana” | From Tokyo Bay. Nori seaweed & Edo & Environment.

[Sunday only] A big gathering of nori seaweed producers, researchers and chefs. Learn and taste nori seaweed.“Edo-mae” is a nori seaweed with a history of 200 years. Producing only 4% of the entire nation’s nori, it is highly sought after having a well-acclaimed flavor and taste. Learn with producers, researchers and chefs through this Tokyo Bay-Chiba nori seaweed, about Edo food culture, the resources of Tokyo Bay and taste nori seaweed for yourself. Gathering individuals concerned about the decline of national nori production, let’s think about how we eat may affect culture, the economy and the environment.


◾️ Detail

Price; 500yen(only for 80 person)includes foods that matches with Sake made by nori (seaweed)
Time; November 12th, 2017 10:00-11:30
Place; Sake Lounge
Gift   ; Nori (seaweed)as a souvenir for whom answered the questionaries.


Content 4-3|Sake Lounge   “Sakana” | From Toyama. Sakana & Rice & Festivals



*** The program will be held in japanese ***

[Sunday only] Dealers, rice farmers, miso brewers come together and bring Hokuriku to TokyoThese dealers, rice farmers, miso brewers who have inherited the traditions and produce of the Hokuriku sea and mountain, come with the best food pairings for sake. While enjoying the delicacies of Autumn — sweet shrimp, Japanese sea snail, the year’s first harvest of rice that will later become the base of sake, carefully fermented miso — have conversations with the producers and learn. Last but not least, experience the new harvest festivals, and even an auction for the Farmer’s Market produce.


◾️ 詳細

Time:November 12th, 2017 13:00-15:30
Place:Sake Lounge
Price;3,000yen in advance
numeber of tickets;30


Content 5 | Sake Flea Original “ochokko” sake cup

Ultimately, the Sake Flea’s goal is to spread the love of Japanese sake. That includes sake-lovers of course, but also those who have never tasted sake before. Perhaps young people or foreign people — we want them all to try delicious Japanese sake, that is our goal. Furthermore we want people to experience this through design and playfulness, something that up until now has not been strongly associated with the sake world. That being said, we have our original “ochokko” sake cup in three different designs. Come and enjoy tasting Japanese sake with our ochokko in hand.




Participating Sake Breweries

Mutsuhassen (Aomori)
Yonezuru (Yamagata)
Yama no I (Fukushima)
Kakurei (Niigata)
Myoko Brewery (Niigata) (Saturday only)
Iwashimizu (Nagano)
Masumi (Nagano)
Senkin (Tochigi)
Wakakoma (Tochigi)
Raifuku (Ibaraki)
Yui (Ibaraki)
Houmei (Saitama)
Bunraku (Saitama)
Kidoizumi (Chiba)
Japan Awasake Association (Tokyo)
Hakuin Masamune (Shizuoka)
Tedorigawa (Ishikawa)
Tengumai (Ishikawa)
Yoshinotomo (Toyama)
Haneya (Toyama)
Tsushimaya (Gifu)
Kirakucho (Saga)
KID (Wakayama)
Zaku (Mie)
Mimurosugi (Nara)
Banshuikkon (Hyogo)
Tosashiragiku (Kouchi)
Azumatsuru (Saga)
Amabuki (Saga)
Hojun (Oita)
Kumamoto Prefecture Booth (Kumamoto)

Limited 100 Set | [Shareable with friends] Good bargain pre-sale ticketsJapanese sake tastings

“I like sake”         set: 20 tickets + 1 original sake cup ¥4,000
“I like drinking” set: 30 tickets + 2 original sake cups ¥6,000
“Bottomless heavy drinker” set: 40 tickers + 2 original sake cups ¥7,500



Aoyama Sake Flea Volume 7
Date: 11th and 12th November 2017 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: 10am-4pm
Location: United Nations University Courtyard (same time as the Farmer’s Market)
Closest station: 3 minute walk from Omotesando station, 10 minute walk from Shibuya

The concept behind the visual

“We want everyone to enjoy sake!”

When people drink Japanese sake, they can’t help but smile. From there, conversations are born, laughter is born, connections are born.We live in a beautiful age where the quality and ways of enjoying Japanese sake continue to progress and advance. Not just one group, we want more and more young people and foreigners who have never enjoyed sake before to be able to enjoy sake. We want to reach out to all kinds of people, create good times and make people smile. That is our hope, contained in this one image.

In this picture, we have all races, ages, occupations, animals and ghosts intermingling, all enjoying Japanese sake, music, dance and conversation.

At the Sake Flea, we work with that in mind. All kinds of people enjoying Japanese sake and having a good time. Bring your friends who have never tried Japanese sake before, and come on over to the Sake flea! We are excited to meet you! Artist: Shuntaro TakeuchiStudying at Tama Art University, he formed the film maker unit “woodpecker”. At other times he is a freelance illustrator, working on magazines, CD jackets, websites and other illustrations.